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Protecting our elderly residents

by Anood Al-Samerai on 19 April, 2011

You may remember that the Labour budget planned to close 10 of the 13 volutnary sector day centres in our borough. Thanks to pressure from committed campaigners and the Liberal Democrat council group a last minute stay of execution was allowed. Labour said they would use this time to consult with the providers of these […]

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Protecting front line services for the most vulnerable

by Anood Al-Samerai on 11 February, 2011

Over the last couple of days I have been really moved by my visits to the day centre at Stones End and to the Irish Pensioners Project. These groups do not receive huge amounts of funding from the council, but they have just been told that they will lose 100% of their funding within 12 […]

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Early Years Services

by Anood Al-Samerai on 4 February, 2011

Today I met with parents from the Parents and Carers Together Forum in South Bermondsey. They are really worried about the council’s proposed cuts. Like many organisations I have spoken to over recent weeks they are finding it impossible to get any solid information out of the council. The cabinet report is so vague it […]

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